Bud a blaze

The World's First cbd infused microwavable food

What is Budablaze?

Bud a Blaze is a CBD and THC infused frozen dinner business. Our current focus and target market lies in Texas where CBD infused food products are legal. We are planning to distribute the product through CBD retailers, storefronts, and grocery stores. We are also planning on establishing an online presence to sell directly to consumers. There is also potential to sell the product via vending machines in hospitals and other health care facilities such as nursing homes and mental health centers.

the future of cbd infused food

We plan to partner with well known cannabis chefs and other cannabis food businesses. Our goal is to build our brand name by benefitting from the goodwill and reputation of our partners, who will develop high quality, delicious, and effective infused food.

High quality

We at Bud a Blaze believe that we have first mover advantage because there are no other products that directly compete with ours. Another key strategy is to create high quality products by using the best ingredients to obtain the best flavor. We are confident that our food recipes will also set our brand apart.

COming to your fridge soon

We are currently manufacturing our product in FDA approved facilities, with the best care possible.


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